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If you are serious about making money on or offline then you will need the extra commercial feaures of Pixal Enhanced

Popup Creator

In Pixal Enhanced we have built in a pop up creator so you can turn your interactive banners and graphics into popups.


This is the super powered version of Pixal with multiple commercial and enhanced features.
You made a super smart purchase with buying Pixal and we congratulate you on taking action and getting your hands on this amazing graphics and marketing suite.
But we wanted to offer you something very special because you have seen the value in Pixal, how would you like to enhance it even further with our powerful advanced version that was supposed to be for our main stream launch...BUT WE ARE GIVING YOU A FIRST LOOK AT THESE ADVANCED FEATURES...
This is where Pixal becomes a whole new application. Imagine this you have created an amazing graphic or banner that is animated and really stands out and grabs your viewers.
Now you can embed direct to your site or blog BUT what if you could turn that into a popup with just a flick of the switch inside the Pixal dashboard.
The popup embed feature has many different options.
1. On Page Load. You can set the banners to popup and show as soon as the page is loaded this means they get all the attention they deserve.
2. On Delay. You can set the banners to popup after a set amount of time which you specify. So it can show for example if the visitor has been on the page say 30 seconds without taking any action.
3. On Exit. You set the banner or graphic to show as the visitor leaves the page or site. This means that if they havent clicked on any of your banners then this is the time to show them and get them to take action.
Turn Any Graphic You Create Into A Popup Instantly!
Released Before Our Mainstream Launch
Pixal Enhanced as we are calling it is our super charged version of Pixal. It includes features that where built for a mainstream audience. But after much deliberation we have decided to release this version for a limited time only.
This version features cutting edge features that will help not only internet marketing business grow but real world businesses as well.
If you sell physical products online through Shopify you can design a banner or graphic around one or multiple products and add buy buttons on the creation. Imagine how much this will increase sales of your products.

Shopify Buy Button Example

This banner has live Shopify products on so if you change anything in your store it will be reflected on the banner. Plus your viewers can click on your products and they will be taken direct to the cart to buy the product. Display a coupon or other special offers.
  • Add In Shopify Buttons - Sell your products direct form the banner or graphic
  • Add In Shopify Collections - Showcase your products these are fully live
  • Works With And Embedable Ecom Buttons - Perfect way to sell products from your banners

Video and Form Example

This banner has a video from Youtube plus a live email collection form embeded from Getresponse. So you can showcase products directly through the banners with video plus you can use the banners as lead magnets. All work with animation and all html5 elements.
  • Add Video On To The Banner - Viewers can watch your video on the banner
  • Add In Email Collection - Turn your banners into lead generation
  • Turn Banners And Graphics - Into  a full on lead collection and call to action

Live Skype Example

This banner has a interactive map from Google plus a live Skype click to call and chat button built into the banner. Users can see exactly where the business is and even chat to the owner via Skype all direct from the banner.
  • Add In Google Maps - Viewer can search direct from the banner
  • Add In Live Skype Button - Viewers can chat to business owner from the banner
  • Perfect For Offline Businesses - Sell your business direct from the banner
These Are Just An Example Of The Enhancements You Will Be Getting In This Version Of Pixal.
Overview Of More Enhancements

Built In Popup Creator

You can instantly turn any banner or graphic you create into a pop which you can embed. We have exit, on intent and timed popups. Plus full split testing and tracking for each one.
Imagine how great your html5 creations will look as popups, your visitors wont be able to help clicking on them.

Turn Your Creations Into Email Collectors

You can instantly embed auto responder forms from the most popular email autoresponders like Getresponse, Aweber, Sendlane, Active Campaign and more.
Make interactive forms that will have your visitors begging to give you their email address.

Add Shopify Buttons

This is an amazing break through in technology and for anyone running ecommerce this will be a game changer. Using Pixal you can add Shopify buttons direct to your banners or graphics that lead direct to the cart.
So you can add your products to the banners and make them interactive and link the buy button to the cart.

Built In Heat Map

With our built in heat map you can see on which slides your viewers are clicking, if you couple that with our in depth analytics that is built into Pixal enhanced you will see exactly which is right or wrong with your banners or graphics.
You will see by a quick glance what is working for you in Pixal and what needs changing.

Full Analytics

Full searchable stats on every banner or graphic that you build and track. You can instantly see which banner is out preforming or under preforming. It will show click, views and conversions from the pixel code.
Using our instant edit feature you can make any adjustments to the banner to make it work better,

Live Skype Buttons

You can add a live Skype to call or message button direct to the banner or graphic. As long as the user has Skype installed they will be able to instantly message or call you. They don't have to leave the banner.
Imagine how powerful this will be to build instant interaction from your customers from anywhere in the world.

Embed Google Maps

Add interactive maps to your banners or graphics. You can add your location and using our geo targeting you can show the exact location of where you want your visitor to see and how far they are from you.
This is perfect if you build banners for local businesses you can show the viewer exactly where to go.

Add Audio 

Add audio direct to your banners or graphics from such places as soundcloud, spotify and more. You can embed tracks directly into the graphics you are creating. Using the embed tool the audio uses the player from the website you are embedding from.
Make your graphics jump out at your viewers with embedded audio tracks.

Add Your Eventbrite

If you run events through Eventbrite you can embed your tickets sales direct to the banner or graphic imagine how amazing you could make those banners look, plus they have a direct purchase option for tickets.
This is a perfect way to increase ticket sales to your event and not been done before.

Add Polls

Add a poll on to your banner or graphic, create instant interaction by using call to actions and animations to get viewers to participate in the poll. Use pollsnack or Google forms to quickly embed a poll.
Using this method you will get more interaction than ever before and get users to actually take the poll.
Buy Pixal Enhanced And Get All Commercial Features We Add
Let our in house design and marketing team take care of all the headaches of finding new cutting edge designs, developing them, testing them and only delivering the ones to you that work. 
Normal Cost Of The Enhanced Pixal Version Will Be
$47+ Per Month
And in the monthly fee you will be limited to the amount of banners you can build and embed during this special launch discount you get UNLIMITED EMBEDS AND BANNERS.
Full Pixal Enhanced Version
This version of Pixal was to be released when we launched mainstream but we have included everything you need right here to make this the ultimate super charged graphic editor and marking suite you will ever see.
This is extremely powerful and will sky rocket your marketing campaigns with increased elements and features
Pixal Enhanced Video Training
Due to how powerful this software is we will be providing extra training to make sure you can use this to its full potential . In depth training video on the different elements will be available showing how to get the best results from each one. 
These will be updated as the elements are updated.
Pixal Enhanced Webinar Training
With the Pixal Enhanced version you get a set of in depth webinars which take you by the hand in using Pixal Enhanced we will cover each element and feature in depth in our live training sessions.
There will also be a lot of time for question and answer if you find there is any part of Pixal you want to know more about.
Worth $297 But Free For Enhanced Pixal Buyers
Unlimited Cloud Storage
Pixal enhanced users get unlimited storage space for their media uploads. What that means unlike normal users when you upload an image you are not restricted to a limited amount per month.
You get unlimited storage with your Pixal Enhanced membership
Graphic Filter Engine
This was going to be a whole separate upsell to Pixal but we have decided to include it here in Pixal Enhanced as a bonus.
The filter engine empowers the media you upload with stunning new filters with 30 added and more coming. From Sincity To Pinhole these will make your images look amazing.
Access The Banner Academy
If you are using the Pixal Commercial Club to build banners and graphics for clients then you definitely need the extra media that you get.
Not only do you get over twice more than regular members but you also get HD media to use as well.
Plus we will be updating the media gallery monthly with more content.
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Here is our promise to you. Try the Pixal reseller package risk free for 30 days and if it is not right for you then all you need to do is send us a support ticket and we will refund every penny of your purchase.

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